You have questions. We have answers. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions:

Is your turf pet friendly? Kid friendly?

Yes, we have a number of products that are absolutely pet and kid friendly! We also have sports specific turf as well as playground, golf, and pet turf specifically designed for each application.

What do you put the turf on top of?

When necessary, we excavate to a depth of 3 to 4 inches, and at a minimum we place the grass on a 3″ crushed stone base. If you were to place synthetic grass directly on top of an expansive surface like soil/dirt, you would very quickly get wrinkles all over your lawn.

Does it look real?

All synthetic grass looks great for 6 months, but what is it going to look like 6-7 years from now? Our 3 dimensional shapes help fight gravity, reduce reflection of light for a more natural look which also reduces heat and provide varying widths of blades.

What is the price per square foot? How much does it cost?

In the Jacksonville area, most of our residential customers are spending between six and fifteen thousand dollars in their backyards; if you want to think about it in terms of square footage, you would be looking at somewhere between 8 and 13 dollars a square foot for lawns, and 15 to 23 dollars a square foot for putting greens. You could be under or above these numbers, but on average, this is where most of our customers find themselves. Our commercial clients could spend north of $100,000 depending on the installation.

Consider this: In a given year, you will spend considerable amounts of money on watering, fertilization, mowing, and pest control. When you think about everything that goes into keeping grass green and pest free, the costs add up quickly. Conservatively, a homeowner in Northeast Florida may spend over $1,500 a year to maintain their lawn.

I want a putting green in my backyard, how can you make it play like my championship golf course?

From the beginning we have been a golf focused business; we are low handicap golfers.  With installations in Europe, the Caribbean and all across the USA, Grass!365 is the only partner you should look to when considering a backyard golf green.

The “secret” is using a slit film style polypropylene yarn fiber, filling it with sand to about 75% of it’s depth, and then rolling it with a heavy-duty double drum roller. There is tremendous benefit to this method of installation. This style of green will actually hold chip, pitch, and yes—even full golf shots, up to 180 yards!! It WILL NOT get lightning-fast and rock hard over time, like most short pile greens will do. Short pile greens with minimal infill sand look great “out of the box” and they are definitely a cheaper way to go, but any discerning golfer should not go this route if they want to have a legitimate game-improvement playing surface in their backyard. We can certainly install the less realistic style green, but it is not our preferred method of installation.

At Grass!365, we are golfers who design putting greens for the casual weekend player, all the way to Tour pros. While we install turf for lawns and playgrounds and amenity centers, we will always be a golf-centric company. It is a big part of our DNA.

Will the infill sand blow away?

The infill sand, which is applied directly into the grass to give the system ballast (weight) and to help the fibers remain vertical, will not blow away. It locks into the grass system and very rarely ever has to be replenished.

Will it get hot?

The short answer is yes, but there are certainly steps we can take to reduce surface temperatures. While our turf is up to 17 degrees cooler than traditional artificial grass, it will get hot with exposure to direct sunlight.  We can apply a special infill called T-Cool, that provides for up to 50 degrees cooler surface temperatures. This would be a consideration for applications adjacent to a swimming pool or on a children’s playground.

What is the maintenance like?

Simply blow off debris and if applicable, scoop up pet waste. Applications with heavy foot traffic may require a periodic power-brooming to get the fibers back to vertical.

Can I view a sample installation?

We have many installations in the greater Jacksonville area you can view up close. Please contact us and we will give you the details.

What is your warranty?

Most of our lawn and field turf carries a 10-year product warranty. With good care, your grass will last you beyond a decade and likely upwards of 15 years before it is time to be replaced.

Do you subcontract your work?

Unlike many other contractors, Grass!365 assigns one crew per project, we show up on time, install your project in just a few days with good weather, clean up, and walk the installation with the property owner to discuss the nuances of the project while answering and questions or concerns. We do not subcontract our work to any “independent installers.” In fact, on the vast majority of our jobs, our owner Jon Tasch serves as the Project Manager/Superintendent.

How long does it take to install?

Installations typically take about a week to complete with good weather.

What about drainage?

On the vast majority of our installations, we use a proprietary geotextile fabric backing on our turf. Unlike hole punched turf, once permeated, our turf drains about 3 times as fast. Underneath the turf, we lay a minimum of 3 inches of 3/4 inch crushed rock, usually granite. We smooth it out and fill in the voids with a 1 inch layer of fine stone, usually granite.

What is the turf made of?

The majority of our turf is made of polyethylene. It is kid and pet friendly.

How do you secure/fasten the turf? 

While the infill sand will weigh down the majority of the grass, we secure it with 6 inch metal fasteners along the perimeter. On commercial applications, or those with heavy foot traffic, we usually install a 2×4 nailerboard and secure the turf with crown staples every few inches.

Is your turf “green?”

Many turf companies claim to have recyclable products but the only way recycling really occurs at the end of the lifecycle is when the product is 100% 1-step recyclable. The non-woven fabric backing on Grass!365 lawn, playground and golf green products allow for 1-step economically feasible recycling of the poly-olefin fabric. Garbage cans, plastic bottles, the insides of baby’s diapers and hundreds of other products are produced from recycled poly-olefin.

What makes you different from other companies?

Grass!365 has roots dating back to the late 1990’s—-we have installed projects in Europe, the Caribbean and all across the USA. You would be hard pressed to find a more experienced and successful synthetic grass company. Grass!365 operates within a franchise model so our local owner, Jon Tasch, is 100% invested in the business. This level of commitment ensures the upmost attention on each installation. We encourage you to check out our Google Reviews to see what our customers have to say about us. We only specialize in artificial grass. Check out this article to read what could happen if you go with a company that does not specialize.